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Dispatches in Transit


Processes for Receipt and Departure of Goods

  • We provide a complete service our staff is responsible for receiving the merchandise until it is located and classified in the warehouse with its corresponding traffic number.
  • In addition our system immediately notifies your arrival.
  • We perform operations such as repackaging, labeling, subdivisions, etc. According to the need of your merchandise.
  • We take care of the elaboration of the export manifest so that it can be delivered to the American customs, or in its case the cancellation of the corresponding in-bond.

As Various Services we offer:

  • Attention to all quotes requested.
  • Labeling of various materials.
  • Fiscal Warehouse Services (FTZ).
  • We offer storage, inventory system, transshipments (Cross Dock) of goods in the warehouse, for whatever your need.
  • We have transfer services.
  • In addition to handling specialized machinery and equipment to handle the goods and carry out permit procedures for excess in dimensions and weight.

Clearance of goods

  • We notify the arrival of the merchandise to our warehouse, prepare it according to the instructions and its need, we also prepare and collect the necessary import or export documentation.
  • We have continuous communication with the carrier.
  • Physical dispatch of the goods.
  • We notify the completion of the process.
  • We invoice.

Various Services

  • We answer your questions or queries about the Law and Classifications and/or Tariff Requirements.
  • We make the Changes of Regimes, Rectifications and Virtual Operations.
  • We prepare all your import, export and/or freight operation cost budgets.
  • We have a warehouse in Nuevo Laredo for warehouse services, transfers and custody of merchandise.
  • We provide Tax Legal advice in Customs matters.
  • Consolidated freight service is handled with exclusive Carrier Line.

Merchandise labeling

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Freight forwarding

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Foreign Trade Advice

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Fiscal Warehouse

(FTZ – Foreign Trade Zone)

Laredo Texas

8404 Killam Industrial Blvd.
Laredo, Tx. 78045 U.S.A
Ph: (956) 712-0133

Nuevo Laredo

Carretera Mex 2,
km 6 más 750
Col. Rancho Maria Luisa
Nuevo Laredo, Tam. 88174
Tel: (867) 890-4650


Padre Mier 548-A
Col. Centro
Apodaca, NL. C.P 66600
Tel: (81) 395-0028


Ave. Elias Zamara Verduzco 2279 Local 3
Col. Puerto Salagua
Tel: (314) 138-3861
Manzanillo, Colima C.P 28869


Juan de Dios Peza
No 692 Col. Zaragoza
Veracruz, Ver. C.P 91910
Tel: (229) 935-9042